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Tell your story. Share your writings, experiences, opinions or poetry. Whatever you would like
and we will put them on our site (parental permission required if you are under 18).

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July 13 to July 16, 2002, SPAN USA held it's Congressional Awareness Event in Washington DC. An important part of this event was the Lifekeeper Quilt Display held on Sunday, July 14th by the Lincoln Memorial, giving a face to suicide.... Two beautiful young people ages 8 and 11 both spoke of their father's, grandfather's and aunt's suicides that touched their lives and how they are moving forward in a positive way....

Leah Bryant lost her precious 13 year old brother, Nathan by suicide..... Leah has written a letter to SPEAK and a poem she would like to share about her experience and how she has turned her life around, helping save others.....

Winning Choices 2002, Pamela Cooperman of Grassroots and Lisa Hurka Covington of SPEAK held a session for teens called, What Would You Do? Close to forty teens attended and were very vocal during the presentation... Some were having conversations with their friends while others were listening. After the session was over Mrs. Hurka Covington was handed a note from one of the girls in the class and was almost in tears when reading it. She would never see this teen again, but her note touched Mrs. Hurka Covington giving her the strength to continue on reaching out to young people....

An Anonymous Letter

The letter~~~~~

I just wanted to let u know that even though it seems no one was listening, u had my full attention. I'm sorry for your loss. Never lose the will 2 make a difference because your making a positive step to making our youth productive adults....... Written by a beautiful young girl who touched Mrs. Hurka Covington's heart and will be a productive adult.......

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